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Spring 2017 Graduates Have New Opportunity to Request Authorization for the Inclusion of Limited Self-Expression for Graduation Ceremony Regalia

ELK GROVE, Calif. – November 16, 2016 – During the Elk Grove Unified School District’s (EGUSD) regularly scheduled Board meeting this week, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve a revision to its Graduation Ceremonies and Activities Board Policy 5127. As a result of their approval, the policy will be revised to add the following:

“The Board of Education recognizes that the diversity of the district’s school communities enriches our schools, strengthens our students’ educational experiences, and prepares students as global citizens.  Therefore, it is the desire of the Board to authorize limited student-expression at high school graduation ceremonies in order to accommodate and acknowledge students’ desire to demonstrate their individuality and personalized self-expression through the use of a symbolic adornment to the graduation dress and regalia, within limitations set forth in Administrative Regulation 5127.”

This policy will permit students to wear a single item of personal significance or individual expression during their school graduation ceremony, consistent with the decorum of the occasion.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Board President Bobbie Singh-Allen thanked the committee for their work and expressed that this update accurately reflects the diversity of the District.

When asked what prompted the change, Superintendent, Christopher R. Hoffman stated, “Our response to a disciplinary call at a graduation ceremony last year challenged us to examine the event’s dress code policy through a lens of equity. The Board’s decision to include limited self-expression language in our graduation ceremonies demonstrates our District’s leadership in being culturally responsive and the trust we place in our students.”

At the meeting, District administration outlined next steps the District will take in finalizing the Graduation Ceremonies and Activities Administrative Regulations 5127 (which will define criteria), communicating the change to stakeholders, and implementing the revised policy across the District.

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