Reading Counts!

SRCThe following is an incomplete list of book titles that we discovered at storyline that have a Reading Counts quiz.  Students can read these books on their own or listen to them on and then take the quiz here at school.  It has been a challenge to find a way to get everyone some computer time to take the quizzes.  So it is no problem to stay after school in our class or the computer lab to take a quiz.  Just let me know and plan to stay with your student.  It only takes a few minutes to do a quiz.

A Bad Case of Stripes           Harry the Dirty Dog          Rainbow Fish          I Need My Monster          Guji Guji          Brave Irene          Sophie’s Masterpiece          Library Lion          Stellaluna          Chester’s Way          Sebastian’s Roller Skates          White Socks Only          Enemy Pie          Somebody Likes You, Mr. Hatch          The Night I Followed the Dog          Knots on a Counting Rope          Thank You, Mr. Falker

Yesterday our class had 1,286 points.  Today we have 1, 361 points.  How many points did we earn during our computer lab time?  Figure it out and bring your answer to school tomorrow.  There will be a small prize for every student that gets it correct.  No help allowed, please!

Mrs. P.

Terrific Math Videos!

I recently became aware of a special resource of math videos available online.  Go to for really good lessons that are directly from our math curriculum.  The link is on the sidebar of this blog for future reference. In less than five minutes you can get the gist of the day’s lesson.  Check it out, you’ll be impressed.

Mrs. P