Happy New Year!

celebrateOur new school year starts this week and I am EXCITED to meet my new students and their families. We are going to have so much fun as we build new friendships and explore new ways of learning. We will be publishing books, broadcasting news reports, creating and constructing our brain power in ways you never expected. Be sure to check here often for evidence of our awesome adventures!

Big things are coming our way!


New Videos!

Our friend, Sophie, has been visiting again! That means it’s “movie making time”! Be sure to click on the “Class Videos” tab and watch our newest productions: TK Rollercoaster and TK Backwards Rabbit. You can also find our videos on my YouTube channel: Catherine Petuya.

Open House Recap

VTDear Families,

Thank you so much for spending last Thursday evening in our classroom. It is my favorite day of the year because families come together to encourage all our young learners. I focused on connecting you to our online work because it is so precious to capture the essence of childhood through their voices and thoughts about their experiences. Childhood goes by in a flash, but with forever access online you can always return to these moments and hear the joy and wonder in their voices. Don’t forget to leave your own comments so your child can reminisce with fondness as they listen to your voice many years from now.

I will be sending an email with the links to our VoiceThreads so those who did not attend can have access as well.

Mrs. P

Seesaw Overload

seesawIf you haven’t checked your child’s Seesaw folder lately, you are in for a bit of a shock. I finally had a few moments to upload the photos I have been taking over the last several weeks. As you can see there has been a great deal of learning going on! When you come to Open House tomorrow, I will be showing you how to access and capture these special moments forever online. Welcome to the future of learning!

VoiceThread Now Open!

Almost all of you are now connected on your child’s Seesaw portfolio. I hope you find it as informative and delightful as I do. We have been busy bees in class lately. Be sure to check out our latest videos on our class blog (blogs.egusd.net/petuya)

I would also like to invite you to view our first voicethread of the year. Follow this link https://voicethread.com/share/7505164/ and you will find an online example of our work that you can see and hear. VoiceThread is similar to Seesaw in that I can post student work and you can view it and make positive comments. VoiceThread is different in that you are able to see the work of the entire class. I encourage you to sign up for a free account at voicethread.com so you will be allowed to leave comments for multiple students and encourage our class.

Finding Our Butterflies

symbolic migration
Last fall we created butterflies with our third grade buddies and sent them to journeynorth.org to participate in a symbolic migration to Mexico. The butterflies have finally arrived! Follow this link to look for the butterflies we sent. Find Our Butterflies Enter the name Carroll and you will see the two schools that received our butterflies. Can you find those schools on a map of Mexico? Click through the photos. Can you see our butterflies? Compare their schools with ours. How are they the same and how are they different?