Pennies for Patients Update

Good Afternoon Carroll Comets! My name is Faith and I am one of your Pennies for Patients representatives. We have had an amazing 2 weeks of giving. WE have raised $5,053.90. That is more than 50% of our goal. 17 of our classrooms have raised over $100 and have earned a bronze pennant. 2 of our classes have raised over $200 and have earned a Silver Pennant. Remember the primary and intermediate classes with the highest amount raised earn a pizza party. Right now Ms. Burnat’s class with $244.76 and Mr. Stults’ class with $207.55 are in the lead. It is not too late to catch them.

Today we delivered materials to our C-Track classes and welcomed them to our challenge. We have 2 more weeks to meet our school goal of $9000.

We will be selling wristbands again for $2. For $2 you get a wristband and a raffle ticket for a class donut party. Representatives will be selling them each morning when they collect your money. This Friday, the class who collects the MOST money this week will earn a nacho party. Lastly, it is not too late to buy a $5 raffle ticket for Principal for a Day. Let your representative know when they collect your change.

Happy Collecting and remember EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

Additional note from Mrs. P: In case you are wondering, our class total so far is $63.67.