Meet Poppa Jerry and Gramma Anne

It was a special treat to enjoy the company of Poppa Jerry and Gramma Anne in our classroom last week. Guess what? They are my very own parents! They were visiting from Michigan (barely north of Toldedo, Ohio) and I invited them to spend a few afternoons with us. They sang and danced with us, read stories, played with playdough, and helped us cut and count. It was delightful for everyone to have such child experts help us start the year off. Poppa Jerry and Gramma Anne raised five children and now have 25 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. That’s pretty impressive, don’t you agree?IMG_7126


2 thoughts on “Meet Poppa Jerry and Gramma Anne

  1. Thank you for posting these pictures Mrs. Petuya. Nicole talked about 2 special guests visited the classroom. she says “Grampa and Gramma Jans (she combines Jerry and Anne) are Mrs. Petuya’s parents.” “Grandpa and Grandma Jans always smiling, I like that.” Nicole also mentioned she had fun talking and playing with them.

  2. I love that the children have the opportunity to meet special people in your life as you have of there’s. Educational experiences don’t just happen in the books; it takes the community and the private village to raise the children.
    Way to go Mrs. Petuya

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