Our First Week

Dear TK Families,
I hope your student came home excited to share many experiences from our first week of school. We are getting to know each other and learning all 24 new names. We are practicing the classroom rules and routines for listening and sharing. We have been exploring the different areas of the room and how to use the materials properly. The students are enthusiastic about every activity, which is a big reason to love teaching this group eager beavers!

We will be focusing a great deal of effort on drawing, writing, and cutting for small muscle development. It would be very helpful to provide many similar opportunities at home. If you don’t have one already, now would be a good time to set up a box of crayons, markers, scissors, stickers, glue sticks and paper for at-home practice. Using playdough frequently is another effective way to build those muscles. I’ll post an easy recipe shortly.

We have also toured part of the campus and some of the important people. So far, we have met Mrs. Noya and Mrs. Wilson (AM Kdgn teachers); Mr. Hauder (principal); Mrs. Robinson (vice principal), Mrs. Grayberg (librarian); Mrs. Cha (computer teacher); Miss Toni (custodian); Miss Mai, Miss Debbie and Miss Vickie (office staff).

I will be sending a test email today to see if I have entered everyone’s address correctly. If you do not see an email from me, please send one so I can fix my contact list.

Enjoy your weekend!
Mrs. P 😀

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