Gardening Begins

Today we got together with our Big Buddies from Mrs. Goodwin’s class.  We met them in the school garden.  Half of us went to do PE with our buddies and the other half worked in the garden.  We had to identify weeds and pull them out.  There were a lot of weeds!  There are a lot of carrots, too.  They are not ready to eat, yet.  We had to thin the crop because the carrots were growing too close together.  They won’t get very big if they are too crowded.  We also turned over the soil and added some organic fertilizer.  It was stinky!  But the plants need it so they can grow better.  Then we switched activities so everyone could participate.  The second group finished weeding and made rows for planting.  In one section, we planted arugula, lettuce and spinach.  In another section, we planted green onions, radishes, and green peppers.  In a third section we planted cilantro and basil.  In a fourth section we planted a mystery mixture of seeds.  It will be interesting to see what actually grows there.  We even added some anenome flower bulbs to the center of the garden bed. They should bloom in early spring.  Our watering system is damaged so water doesn’t reach the entire bed.  So we used a watering can to get all the seeds a drink.  If it doesn’t rain enough this weekend, we’ll be back on Monday to water again.10-23-14 263

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  1. Looks like they worked hard,… and won’t it be great when they get to see everything change and grow throughout the seasons?! I’m happy they experienced this.

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