Pumpkins and Pictures

zucca_architetto_frances_01On Thursday the 25th we will be taking our first field trip. We are heading to the pumpkin patch at Fog Willow Farm in Wilton. The bus will be leaving at 8:30 AM and we plan to return at 11:00 AM. The cost is $10 per student and $4 per chaperone. Chaperones will need to drive in their own vehicles since the bus will be full of students.

A few students have not yet turned in permission forms. I will not be able to accept them after Tuesday, the 23rd. If your child will not be attending, just let me know.

You may have noticed that Picture Day is also on the 25th. So, I have arranged for our class to be first in line for photos. If you would like your child to change from “picture” clothes to “field trip” clothes, please let me know and send them in a clearly labeled bag. I will do my best to make sure clothing changes take place. If you are able to stay and assist, I would be very thankful.

Mrs. P

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