The Bee and Honey Show

We had a very interesting visit from Uncle Jer and his bees.  I know I learned many facts I did not know.  Before I give a long list, I’ll give my students a chance to post a comment to share something that impressed them.  So class, what did you think was the neatest part of the presentation?

Mrs. P

3 thoughts on “The Bee and Honey Show

  1. Mrs. Petuya,
    I liked when Uncle Jer showed us different kinds of honey and how the Queen bee was different from the rest because she had a dot. I am less afraid of bees because Uncle Jer said the same thing my mom always says “If I am calm, the bees will be calm and not sting me!”
    Zoe Mander

  2. Dear,Mrs.Petuya

    I think the neatest part of the presentation was when I learned how the bees communicate.

  3. In this show I learned about bees and how to get the bee sting pain off.The way to get the pain off is put mud over it.

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