Open House Report

This week we had Open House.  We made volcanoes and amber.  We made the volcano out of Rice Krispy treats and used fruit roll-ups for the lava.  We made the amber out of orange jello and gummy worms or an octopus.  We had to introduced our parents to Mrs. Petuya.  We used Aurasma to do our welcome for our parents.  We also used this app to tell about what we learned.  All in all, Open House was a fun evening for our parents and classmates.  When is your Open House?  And what do you do?

Jaden O, James, Taison, Grace, Samantha, and Alisha

3 thoughts on “Open House Report

  1. The open house was wonderful. It gave us a chance to see what the kids have been doing all year long. We were impressed with all the work they did and the how well they are adapting to the new common core. Best of all we enjoyed listening to the kids on aursma.

    All in all a great success thanks to the hard work of you and the kids!
    We really appreciate it. GO Ms. Petuya!

    Nash ( Alisha’s dad)

    • Dear Nash,
      Thank you for the kind words. I truly enjoy having parents come and participate in our second grade experience. I, too, am impressed with the quality of work that my class is completing. The iPad and apps like Aurasma have opened up so many new possibilities. It’s an exciting time to be a teacher.
      Mrs. P.

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