Rip Roaring Readers!

Our class is making good progress on earning points with Scholastic Reading Counts.  Congratulations to Oscar, Zoe, Grace, James, Alisha, and Samantha for earning 25 points and their first medallion!  I wonder who will be next?  It could be you!  Just read a book thoughtfully and take a quiz at school  If you don’t pass the quiz, be sure to review your answers so you can retake the quiz and pass it the next day. If we make the effort, we’ll see everyone on Team Petuya wearing a medallion soon.

Mrs. P.

2 thoughts on “Rip Roaring Readers!

  1. I may have missed the announcement or link for this but where is the website or listing for the books that they can read in order to get their medallions?

    • There are thousands of book quizzes on Scholastic Reading Counts. I have not given out a specific list. All of our anthology selections are included as well as nearly every popular children’s series: Junie B. Jones; Nate the Great; Magic Tree House to name a few. So just keep the kiddo reading (and re-reading is a good idea too!) and we’ll keep taking the quizzes at school. 😀

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