Learning About Animals

Our next unit in reading is called “Camouflage”.  We are also learning about animal life cycles in science.  So, we will be combining these topics and creating a special project in class.  Students will work in groups of four to research an assigned habitat and create a life-like diorama on one of our shelves.  The diorama must include landforms, plants, animals that represent the food chain in each region. We will create everything in class, but students will need to do research at home in order to be a productive team member and bring knowledge to complete the project.

The regional habitats that we will study are as follows:  Arctic tundra; tropical rain forest; desert; woodland; African savanna; ocean.

Start exploring!  Find some facts!  Use the internet, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and of course, the library!  We will learn so much more when everyone shares their research, just like real scientists!

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