What’s Lexia and myOn?

Hopefully, you all noticed the “Computer Passport” I slipped in the back of your child’s homework folder.  Please keep it there so you will always have easy access to all that log -in information. (Oops, I just realized that I left off spellingcity.com/carroll2ndgrade.  Sorry about that).

On that “Computer Passport” are two new opportunities for language arts learning: Lexia and myON.  Lexia is a tremendous resource for skill development in reading and writing that you can access from any computer.  It will adjust to the student’s needs, much like thinkcentral.com.  The more you use it, the more you learn.  I can monitor each student’s progress and select detailed lessons to target skills that need more specific instruction. How cool is that?

MyON is a literacy program that matches book titles to student interests and reading level.   It provides anytime access to thousands of excellent digital books.  So, put your e-readers to good use when your family is on the go. Download a book or two for free!

You can filter the personalized list to include only titles from Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC).  That way, students are reading  books that are connected to our school-wide incentive program and they’re ready to earn more points when they take the comprehension tests on campus.  (You can only test from a school computer.)

I hope you’ll try out both of these exciting learning opportunities.


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