Welcome back on track! October 5, Monday (email)

Welcome back on Monday, October 5, 2020!  The Zoom meeting ID and password will remain the same.  The link and information is provided in our Google Classroom, Classwork, under Zoom.

When we return we will be studying:

  • Math:  addition and subtraction to 1,000;  this will include rounding numbers and several conceptual strategies to add and subtract.
  • ELA:  biographies from our Wonders books; long vowel sound spellings (a); and subjects and predicates.  
  • A “pick-up” of our Charolette’s Web books is also upcoming (dates TBD)
  • Science:  we will cover several of the NGSS standards by studying wetlands.  On October 21st a Jr. Duck Stamp presentation will occur reviewing waterfowl adaptations and an art lesson on waterfowl.
  • PE is now scheduled for Mondays at 8:10 am to 8:30 am
  • Computers is now scheduled for Tuesdays at 11:35 am to 12:05 pm

  I hope that everyone is well and had an enjoyable, safe break.  I am looking forward to seeing and working with your children on Monday!

End of Week 6 (e-mail)

We are at the end of Week 6!  We track off next week on Wednesday, September 16th.  We will be working on September 16th :).

  • Our Responsibility Characters Awards were awarded to:  Gabriel, Miles, and Brooke.  Congratulations!
  • We had our first field trip – kind of.  The Sacramento Public Library librarian from our local Rancho Cordova branch visited our class and shared with us all of the resources available to the students.
  • I have posted the Sacramento Public Library information and all of the links on the Stream in our Google Classroom.
  • Next Tuesday, September 15th is PFO’s Burger Inn Drive Thru fundraiser.
  • Next Wednesday, September 16th is also the PFO’s virtual dance party!  The links to dance are on Sunrise’s social media page.
  • Our local Sunrise Elementary School librarian, Mrs. Christensen, announced “that our (Sunrise) library will be opening to our students next week!! ?? Students (and staff) can access our library catalog through their Classlink Portal, reserve a library book online and pick it up via drive thru.  Our library catalog is available through Destiny Discover and it will be a work in progress as I will continue to add educational resources/links to this site. (AR Bookfinder, AR testing, Library of Congress for Kids, etc.)

Here is some important information to note:

  • TUESDAY – Students must place a hold on the book that they would like to check out by each Tuesday night
  • WEDNESDAY – I will check out these book to your students on Wednesday and send them a confirmation email with details of how to pick it up
  • THURSDAY – Students will pick up their library books via drive thru every Thursday from 12-4:30pm
  • Students may place a hold on ONE book at a time
  • Students may check out their library book for up to TWO weeks at a time
  • Books can be returned to our Library Drop Box located outside of the front office Monday-Friday 7:30-4pm or books can be returned during curbside pick up

End of Week 5 (e-mail)

Hello Parents,

We have a 3-day weekend!  Monday, September 7 is a holiday.  We have ended our 5th week of 3rd Grade!  Woo hoo!  Your children are so kind and delightful – they are also very respectful and hardworking.

Some information:

  • We are about mid-way through the 1st trimester.  Individual progress reports will not be sent home; however, you can see your child’s grades on Synergy ParentVue and StudentVue.
  • I will email a PDF copy of the Progress Report upon request.
  • I am doing my best to stay on top of missing assignments and redos; but it does take me some time to check, verify, and then enter the new/missing grades.
  • If you would like to schedule a Parent/Teacher Conference, I am available after school and can be available before school if needed.
  • We will take the Chapter 4 math test during the week of September 16th (likely on September 16th).
  • We go off-track on Wednesday, September 16th!  We return back on-track on Monday, October 5th.
  • Heads-up:  When we return back on-track, students will complete their first book report and oral presentation of the book.
  • I will provide them with the format/requirements for the both the book report and presentation prior to going off-track in case they (or you) would like to work on it when we are off-track.
  • Students should be memorizing the multiples (skip counting) of numbers 2 through 7.  (We will finish to 12’s when we return from off-track.)
  • To memorize, they can use their blue Skip Counting sheet, and touch each number while saying it to activate more senses.  They can also write them down several times.
  • I recommend to memorize one set of multiples  before moving on to the next.
  • Memorizing the multiples will aid in the transition to memorizing the multiplication facts, which is expected by the end of third grade.
  • In spelling, we have moved on from short vowel review to long vowels.  This past week, the students have been working with the long vowel spellings of vowel_e.
  • Next week in Spelling, students will work with the other long vowel a sound spellings.
  • Most spelling work is done through Spelling City.
  • In reading and writing, we have been working with narrative stories and writing.  We have been looking at the text structure and “signal words”, also known as transitions.
  • We started Social Studies with oceans and continents videos and work.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.  I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.


Tracy Wetzel

Books and Books (e-mail from 08/26)

Dear Parents,


I’ve had students who have requested to extend the Scholastic Book Order Deadline.  So, if you would like to order more books, the links are below.  Please have your orders in by Tuesday, September 1st, so that we can receive them before we track off.  😉  You are actually available to order at any time; however, if the dollar amount is not large enough, we might be charged shipping.

– Shop the flyers with your child: https://editions.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=667328

– Connect to Our Class Page: https://orders.scholastic.com/HZPJV


Mr. Hock forwarded the e-mail below regarding public library resources.

Hello educators,

My name is Marisa Spar, and I am one of the children’s librarians at the Rancho Cordova Library, part of the Sacramento Public Library system. I want to let you know that the Sacramento Public Library is here to support teachers, students, and families in this new school year of distance learning!

Although our buildings are closed to the public, we are offering curbside pickup of all our materials – books, DVDs, magazines, and more!

Here are some highlights of resources available on our website:

OverDrive Ebooks and Eaudiobooks for Kids
Browse by recommended books or grade level and take your books, audiobooks and comics on the go.

Check out the Hoopla Kids Mode to find video, music and books for younger audiences.

Strengthen early reading skills with animated, read-along ebooks. Recommended for children ages three to eight, you’ll find paired fiction and nonfiction books on topics for every interest.

Access hundreds of K-12 ebooks and audiobooks from your computer or tablet with any internet browser.

Library Cards
Any student (with parent’s permission) can sign up for a library card that can access all library digital resources and will not expire for 3 months. Educators and parents/caregivers can also apply for a card.

Homework Resources
Visit our homework help resources page and access tutoring, virtual reference books, test prep and more.

Research Tools
Find something specific with this comprehensive list of all online library resources and databases.

Email Reading Recommendations
Answer six simple questions about books (or audiobooks) and authors you enjoy and we’ll email you five recommendations selected just for you.


If you have a question, want more information on any of these services and resources, or if you would like to arrange a virtual class or meeting visit, please contact me. Also, please share this email with your fellow educators, teachers, and students’ families, as the library is hoping to get the word out about all of the free services we are offering this school year.


Thank you,


Marisa Spar (she/her/hers)

Youth Services Librarian

Sacramento Public Library – Rancho Cordova

9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95827


End of Week 2; Beginning of Week 3 (back posting from e-mail)

Week 2 ofSubject: Week 3 Information 🙂

Dear Parents,

Week 2 of Distance Learning is completed and I am continuing to work on improving our instruction and independent practice :).

Some things to know:

• Students will need small objects to use for arrays tomorrow (about 24 objects)

– Some examples to use are: beans, coins, cereal, paper clips, etc.

• Monday Early Out: 11:05 am Zoom meeting ends; but

– students work until 1:40 pm independently without my presence;

– the teacher (me) is in meetings, etc.

• Grades have been entered into Synergy.

– They can be checked in ParentVue and StudentVue

– Some students need to redo assignments for a better grade

– I encourage students to redo assignments for a better grade

• 3rd Grade Respect Character Awards are Thursday, 08/20, from 2:40 pm to 3:00 pm

– Anaya, A’Nayah, and Theon will be recognized

– All students are invited to attend via a Zoom meeting link that will be posted to Google Classroom Stream on Thursday

• Math Chapter 3 test is scheduled for Friday, 08/21

• I will be administering Diagnostic/BOY (Beginning of the Year) assessments next week

– The assessments are not for a grade, they are for me to determine instruction and small group instruction

– It is important that parents do NOT help their child so that I can accurately plan for their small group instruction

– Some will be whole class and others will be individual

• PE with Mr. Cross is on Thursdays from 1:00 pm – 1:20 pm (½ class) and 1:20 pm – 1:40 am (next ½ of class)

• For those students who weren’t able to pick up the agenda/planner:

– it is available for pick up in the office

– I have added “Agenda/Planner” assignments to the Google Classroom to refer to

• Scholastic Books Orders due on Friday, 08/21

– Shop the flyers with your child: https://editions.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=667328

– Connect to Our Class Page: https://orders.scholastic.com/HZPJV

• Computers in Mr. Stringer’s Google Classroom: Students will going to Mr. Stinger’s Google Classroom for computer lessons. This next week, they should be practicing keyboard skills by utilizing the home row. Distance Learning is completed and I am continuing to work on improving our instruction and independent practice :).

Welcome to 3rd Grade On-line Learning

Dear Parents,

         It is with great pleasure that I welcome your child to 3rd grade.  We are in an unprecedented time, so please have patience and grace with the on-line teaching learning curve.   

Some important dates are listed below: 

Supplies/Books Pick UpMonday, July 27th from 8:00 am to 10:00 near the office parking lot, under the tree on Anatolia nearest the corner.  (A list of supplies and books is attached below).


Back-to-School-Night (BTSN): Thursday, July 30th.  

I do not know what BTSN will “look like”, but I have created two Zoom session options to facilitate:  

  • Session 1:  6:00 pm – 6:30 pm;  or 
  • Session 2:  6:30 pm – 7:00 pm 

The Zoom link is posted on my Google Classroom Stream.  

3rd Grade Distance Learning/school begins on Monday, August 3, 2020 @ 8:00 am!




Sunrise School Garden, Class Talent Show, CAASSP testing, and donations

We are getting a Sunrise School Garden!  Mrs. Young (1st grade, C Track) has been organizing and planning for our school garden for over a year, and it is finally coming to fruition.  We will be having a community garden day to help build the raised beds, put the soil into the beds, and attach irrigation on Saturday, March 14th from 8 am to 12 noon.  So please drop by before noon with your garden gloves, shovels, wheelbarrows, hammers, brooms, and power drills to help.

The students have requested to have a Class Talent Show.  They have voted to exhibit their talent on March 12th and 13th.

Wow!  We are quickly approaching the end of the school year with our month off in April!  A big deal and transition in 3rd grade is the CAASSP Standardized Testing.  The exact dates have not been set, yet, but are likely to be in May.  Practice and Training tests can be viewed on the CAASSP website at http://www.caaspp.org/.   These tests don’t score the students’ work or provide results.  They are still helpful to have students review the content and become familiar with the format of the test.  The Think Central on-line math homework also helps students become more accustom to the format.  Plus, it grades and provides results of the homework.

Donations requested of student white board markers.  Thank you for all of the donations at the beginning of the year.  We have just used the last white board marker.  So, if you may please donate some to our class and/or buy some for your own child it would be greatly appreciated.

I am collecting cardboard egg cartons, old Altoid containers (for Mrs. Mendez), and liter plastic bottles.  If you have any, please send them in.

In the Classroom we will . . .

Math:  We finishing Chapter 8, Understand Fractions.  Chapter 8 test is tentatively scheduled for Friday, March 6th.   We will begin Chapter 9, Compare Fractions next week.

Your children are so enthusiastic about memorizing the multiplication facts!  They love to be tested on them.

Reading:  We have been reading expository text and learning the text features of it.  Many students are struggling with our “Cold Comprehension” tests.  The students read these tests and answer questions independently; the tests have not been read as a class.  Some students are struggling with the stamina it takes to read two selections, make notations, and refer back to the text for the basis for the answers.  Please have your child read each night.  You can read/share a book with them by having them read parts aloud to you, you read parts aloud to them, and make comments/discuss the book.

Writing:  Students have written opinion pieces on the Grand Canyon and a friendly letter from Abraham Lincoln’s point of view.

Social Studies:  the students have learned about national landmarks and African American heroes.

Science:  We are continuing the GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition) unit on Ecosystems and Biodiversity.  We are studying and investigating the adaptations of plants and animals.  The students were also introduced to the Scientific Method and completed a “lab activity” using it for the topic of bird beak adaptations.


2nd:  Dress as your favorite book character for Dr. Suess’s Birthday

3rd:  Conservation Ambassador (Wild Things) Assembly

4th:  B Track Academic Awards

5th:  Minimum Day; Report Cards go home

10th:  Jump Rope for Heart Assembly

12th and 13th:  Classroom talent show

14th:  Community Garden Day 8 am – 12 pm

20th:  Family Picnic Day ~ bring a sack lunch to eat with your child

27th:  Track Off – Minimum Day


30th:  Track Back On ~ on a Thursday


20th:  Stonelakes Wildlife Preserve field trip

25th:  Memorial Day ~ No school

28th:  A/B Open House 6 pm – 7 pm

Students Dream Kindness

The students’ book reports and presentations are/were fabulous!  It was a joy to be a part of the audience and listening to their oral presentations.  Most students were very well prepared with an introduction and recommendation of their books.  Some students added some fun facts or anecdotes.  The class was also eager to borrow books based upon their peers’ recommendations.

To recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the students wrote their dreams for their community, school, home, and classroom.  Many of their dreams revolved around being kind to others and the reduction/elimination of litter.  How wonderful.

NOTE:  January 30th is a BIG DUE date day – Junior Duck Stamp Program permission slips forms are due; Sheldon High School Performing Arts field trip forms are due; and Scholastic Book orders are due.

Spirit Day Spirit Wear has changed to Sport’s Day on Friday, January 31st.

In the Classroom we will . . .

Math:  We are midway through Chapter 7, Division Facts and Strategies.  Chapter 7 test is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 12th.  Chapter 8 will introduce/review fractions.

Most students have memorized the 2 multiplication facts.  Students are now memorizing the 5 multiplication and division fact families with triangle flash cards, followed by the 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, etc.

Spelling:  Prefixes:  mis-; pre-; and dis-

Reading:  We have been reading expository text and learning the text features of it.  Cursive letters instruction has been slow.  Students are learning how to slant their papers so that their cursive letters can also be slanted – or “lean forward”.

Science:  We started the GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition) unit on Ecosystems and Biodiversity.  The “pre-unit” “What Do I Know” paper was empty by all students, so it is exciting to see how it will look at the end of the unit.  The 2nd grade teachers did a great job of teaching the geologic time scale – our students had good background knowledge.


30thDUE:  1) Sheldon High School Performing Arts Field Trip permission slips due (trip on February 19th); 2) Scholastic Book orders (On-line orders class code:  HZPJV); 3) DUCK Picture Contest Permission Slip Forms

Eat at Burger IM for proceeds to go to Sunrise

31st:  Minimum Day:  Spirit Wear change to SPORTS DAY from Robot day


5th:  Talent Show

7th:  Valentine Family Dance

10th:  Observance of Lincoln’s Birthday – No School

14th:  Valentine’s Day ~ Valentine’s will be exchanged in class

17th:  Observance of Washington’s Birthday – No School

19th:  Sheldon High School “Universal Rhythm” Dance Company field trip

28th:  Yearbook orders DUE



4th:  B Track Academic Awards

20th:  Family Picnic Day ~ bring a sack lunch to eat with your child

Welcome 2020!

Welcome to 2020!  We had our first field trip today to the Crocker Art Museum – THANK YOU parent chaperones!  Our next field trip will be to Sheldon High School to watch the Sheldon High School’s “Universal Rhythm” Dance Company demonstrate a variety of dance styles.  This trip is scheduled for February 19th.

Our first Book Report is due on January 14th!  I have been assigning “parts” of it this week to help students manage their time in its completion.  So far, students should have:

  • chosen a book that they read;
  • Written the Setting, Main Characters and made a title page
  • Written a summary of the book including the beginning, problem, 3 – 4 main events, and a conclusion
  • Begin preparation of their speech and design the report

Common Core Math strategies are being practiced in solving multiplication and division equations using “Choose 3 Ways” modeling.  Choose 3 Ways modeling:  creates conceptual and thoughtful understanding.  Algorithms (equations) are “short cuts” and do not create or show understanding of concepts; they occur at the end of teaching the concept.

In the Classroom we will . . .

Math:  Chapter 6 test is tentatively scheduled for Friday, January 17th.  We will begin Chapter 7, Division Facts and Strategies

  • Begin to memorize multiplication and division fact families with triangle flash cards
  • Continue to memorize and test on Skip Counting.

Spelling:  Week 14, r-controlled vowels.  I will be using the dictation sentence posted under the “Unit 3, Spelling” link for Week 14.

Reading:  We have been working with synonyms and Shades of Meaning in the new year.  We have also began learning cursive.  The cursive letters will be taught in groups of lower case letters according the stroke that is used.  The students need practice in interpreting metaphors using context clues, so we will practice, and then retake the Cold Comprehension test with their reinforced practice.  Students are also practicing reading with “prosody” – expression and intonation and NOT for speed.

Science:  We will be starting a GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition) unit on Ecosystems and Biodiversity.

Upcoming Dates:


2nd Thursday:  Track-back-on!

8th:  Crocker Art Museum field trip

14thBook Report due

15th – 17th:  Book Report presentations

20th:  Holiday of observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. – No School

21st:  Family Skate Night @ The Rink from 6 pm to 8 pm

30th:  Sheldon High School Performing Arts Field Trip permission slips due (trip on February 19th)

31st:  Minimum Day:  Robot Day


5th:  Talent Show ~ information will be coming

10th:  Observance of Lincoln’s Birthday – No School

14th:  Valentine’s Day ~ Valentine’s will be exchanged in class

17th:  Observance of Washington’s Birthday – No School

19th:  Sheldon High School “Universal Rhythm” Dance Company field trip

28th:  Yearbook orders DUE

November:  Tracking off, on-line math homework, and turkeys

  • Math homework will now be assigned on-line J on the Think Central website. To access the Think Central website, go to the Sunrise Computer Lab website at http://blogs.egusd.net/sunriselab/;
  • access Classlink Portal. On Classlink Portal
  • select “Things to Do” and the homework will be aligned with the day’s lesson.
  • If your child does not have access to a computer, they may still complete the homework in their Standards and Practice Book.
  • Regional Transit bus/light rail passes will be sent home next week so that your child can ride for free on RT.
  • DUCKS – Permission slips will be sent home to enter our duck drawings into the Junior Duck Stamp Program Conservation and Design Contest. For every entry we submit, $1 is donated to the education/conservation program.
  • Track-off Day (Friday) the class will be making a craft, baking muffins, and playing board games. Students will be allowed to bring in blankets and board games to play.  If you have been “fingerprinted-cleared” by the district, you are welcome to come and join us.  We will begin at approximately 8:45 am.
  • The 1st Book Report will be assigned before we go off-track; however, it won’t be due until January 14th. This is to accommodate families who might want to work on it when we’re off-track and for students who would rather work on it each evening as homework when we track back on.

In the Classroom we will . . .

Math:  Chapter 5 test is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 19th.  We will begin Chapter 6, Understand Division

  • Begin to memorize multiplication and division fact families with triangle flash cards
  • Continue to memorize and test on Skip Counting.

Spelling:  Week 13, r-controlled vowels.  I will be using the dictation sentence posted under the “Unit 3, Spelling” link for Week 13.

Reading:  Continue with genre biography and evaluating Cause and Effect in literature and recognizing/understanding metaphors.

Upcoming Dates:


21st:  Academic and Character Awards 8:30 am

22nd:  Deficiency Notices sent home

22nd:   Craft, baking, and game day; fingerprinted parents are invited to come!

We Track off; Minimum DaySpirit Wear:  Color Rush – one color from head-to-toe



2nd Thursday:  Track-back-on!

8th:  Crocker Art Museum field trip

14th:  Book Report due

20th:  Holiday of observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.

30th:  Sheldon High School Performing Arts Field Trip permission slips due (trip on February 19th)