Nightly homework spelling assignments are usually as follows:

  • Monday night: Write your words 3 times each (and sentences 2 times each)
  • Tuesday night: Write your words in alphabetical (ABC) order (and sentences 2 times each)
  • Wednesday night: Workbook pages
  • Thursday night: Write any words missed from today’s pre-test 5 times each.  (Sentence too!)

Fun Practice Website:  Here is a website that gives you all lists and even a practice test!  Scroll down to Third Grade Open Court Reading, find the list for the week we’re on, and then click either on Practice or on List.  If you click on List, it will give you the spelling list.  If you click on Practice, it will give you a practice spelling test.  Make sure you’re volume is on and have fun!  http://www.typeandspell.com/OpenCourt.htm  (Once you click on this, it will take you away from this blog.)

Words for Unit 5:  When we come back on track in March, we will be starting Unit 5.  You can get a head start and peek at the words now!  🙂  (*Note:  Only words #1 – 15 will show.  #16 – 22 that you get in class are not available online.)