Weekly Update

KUDOS! The class continues to prove themselves as responsible, respectful students both inside and outside of the classroom. As we begin to pick up the pace in class and for homework, everyone has excepted the challenge well.

Fundraiser: On Monday, we went to an assembly to introduce us to our first fundraiser of the year. Fundraisers are the only way our school has to make money to support the wonderful assemblies, and extra curricular activities around Reese. If everyone sold just one item, we would be able to make a lot of much-needed money for our school. If you are able to participate this year, please help us out. But remember, please be safe and don’t sell to people you don’t know!

Fitness Fridays!: Every Friday, as weather permits, we will be running the mile. Please make sure you are dressed for success! Where comfortable clothes, and tennis shoes. Everyone will participate unless I have a note from the doctor or parent notice. In the spring, students will take place in the Presidential Physical Fitness Testing, and running the mile is one component of the testing.

Upcoming Dates: Thursday August 26- MATH TEST Chapter 1! Thursday September 9- SOCIAL STUDIES USA packet due, September 10- MINIMUM DAY

Homework 8-24: Journal- Free Write, Math- Free Response Practice test, Science- worksheet # 4 and 5, Spelling- ABC Order, Reading- Response Log

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  1. well i got two impressions i’m doing good on my test and my work i love m.s Robertson is lot of fun! my favorite suject is math because it is so much fun .I like 5th I got lot’ts of friend thank you for reading my comment!

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