May 17


Think about all the different sounds you hear in your life. Now tell me about one you really like and one which drives you mad!

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8 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Amanda

    A sound I really hate is when you rub plastic together it drives me crazy really crazy and it makes me very very mad I hate it so much.

  2. kaitlyn

    I hate the sound when people hmm. But when i want them to stop i say can you please stop humming.i say please because i don’t want to be rude.

  3. Myles

    The that drive me mad is when someone is chewing with their mouth open and chews out loud.

  4. isaac lucas

    the thing that makes me mad is when people laugh at me and I get Realy because people laugh at me, The Sound That I Hate is a Ringing bell that hurt my ear.

  5. Quynh

    i really hate the baby voice when they´re cry, the shouted of the baby make my head like don´t want to stay there.

  6. Isaiah Lucas

    The thing that makes me mad is when people say I copy someone when I do not.The Sound that I hate is when people be very loud.


    The sound i really hate is when someone graves there nail and scrathes a car. And makes the big noise it makes.Also when they chew with there mouth open and you can hear them chewing.


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