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  1. Amanda

    Courage is something that helps us believe in our self and do what we need to do. I gives us confident. That is what courage is.

  2. Isaiah Lucas

    courage is when you be brave of something like if your little then if you feel like you want to concord a fear then you can smiles

  3. Tanisha

    I think courage is when people are confident about what they are saying and what they are doing. Also, I think courage is when people could speak to different people. As you can see that is what I think is courage.

  4. shephali

    Courage is something you have when you´re shy all the time and you step out of your comfort zone and you try new things, kind of like bravery

  5. v(T.T)v (v(o.o)v (-._-.) ~(oOo)~ Kennethy -(^.^)>) ~(o.o)~) o(o.o)o) -(TOT)-

    Courage is when you don’t give up. If you didn’t have courage, you can’t do anything.

  6. isaac lucas

    Courge means to be brave and to be Foucs also not to be afraid of your fear and if you do not face your fear you will be still be Scraed of your fear

  7. Haylie

    Courage is something were you believe in yourself.Also you have to be confident.Another thing is that if you are shy than you need to have courage to talk.

  8. brianna

    courage is when you believe in yourself or someone else. and if you know you can do something that you know is hard or not has been done before.

  9. ericka^_^

    For example Amanda is scared to go on stage to read poem and im right next to here i tell her “its ok we just have to have courage and be brave also, we need to believe in our self. I think that is what courage is.

  10. LeeAustin

    Courage is something that is with you all time’s like when something shy courage will always take control when your scared.

  11. Isaiah LUcas

    i agree with you Amanda here is an example.Ms.penrose had to pit some courage of killing a spider

  12. Jr

    Courage is an emotion that makes you feel brave to do any thing that you think that is good for you like when you try some new things that could help you do something fun,helpful,or even something that helps you with your muscles and bones but really It’s an emotion that is good because it will make you nice,kind,smart,and other even it help you be tuff.

  13. Monica Mendoza

    What is courage?

    Courage is when you make someone happy to make you smile.If we didn’t have any courage we wouldn’t do anything like happy,mad and sad.just like you courage your family i do to.Also courage is when you are confident.when I have courage i have bravery,in believing myself,confident and to do something i do.Like i courage my friends family and Ms.penrose.just keep on couraging people and make them smile 🙂

    By,Monica .M.
    Believe in yourself 🙂

  14. Myles

    courage is bravery witch is like you aren’t shy and you can go in a room with a black dog and you aren’t scared.

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