April 28


The saying goes, “Money cannot buy happiness.” Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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  1. LeeAustin

    I disagree that money can buy happiness because if you use money to get happiness then that is not a good habit also if you try to get happiness with money and your all out of money what do you rely on getting you more happiness that’s why I disagree.

  2. Quynh

    i agree , because if you’ve money but you didn’t have friends , family , what did you use money to do? you just use it to buy somethings then you feel boring but where sell the happiness? if you’ve a lot of money i guaranteed you cannot buy money without no friends , or family….

  3. Amanda

    I maybe agree and disagree because if you want a really big house them you can buy it if that makes you happy. But also you can’t buy happiness at the same time because if you love someone really bad well you can’t buy him but you can bribe him but I mean that is not good. So money can sometime buy happiness but most of the time it will not. So that is what I think.

  4. myles

    I do agree that money can’t buy you happiness because the thing that you keep on trying to forget will always be with you will be stuck with that memory because you trying to get rid of the thing that you thinking of.

  5. shephali

    I agree because you can buy things that make you happy but sometimes it will go away or get damaged and you wont be happy and you’ll buy something again and then it will go away and you will be sad again and it will happen over and over again, but other thing that make you happy that you don’t use money for is friends, family thing make you happy with no money.

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