March 29


Which place would you most like to visit–Africa, China, Alaska–why?

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  1. YRROS M'I Kennethy S'TI EM

    I visited Alaska before. That was LONG ago. That’s where my sister was born. It’s snowy at Alaska. I like to play in the snow a lot. I like to watch the sleigh racing with the huskies pulling the sleigh.

  2. LeeAustin

    I would like to visit China the most because they make a lots of cool stuff there and that’s where they build everything that’s already made in the world I also want to visit there because the fish there when you fishing you could catch the world’s biggest fish and you could also go to the aquarium and see different fish that you don’t see in america.

  3. kaitlyn

    i would not like but love to go to china because there are pandas and some cool things that i would love to see.

  4. ericka :P

    I would want to go to Africa to see the lions and the tours the give you of the animals and that would be cool.

  5. haley

    I would like to vist Africa because that is where most of the amazing animals are that go to the zoo. Why do we have to go to the zoo and see them, why can’t we just go to Africa?

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