March 29


I wish I didn’t have to eat…… I don’t like this food because…..

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  1. YRROS M'I Kennethy S'TI EM

    I wish I didn’t have to eat fish. I don’t like fish because whenever I eat fish, I always get the bones in my mouth. They’re hard to take out. One time I swallowed a bone, I had a sore throat for weeks. 🙁

  2. Myles

    well , I don’t want to eat the food because i don’t like the food. That’s why i won’t eat the food.

  3. ericka :p

    I wish i didn’t have to eat rice.I mean like it is good and all but I just for some reason I really dont like rice because I dont like the taste,I hate how it looks,and I dont like it with any thing.

  4. kaitlyn

    I wish i didn’t have to eat bacon i don’t like this food because it comes out of pigs and pigs like to be in the mud so if i eat a pig that likes to be in the mud i can get sick.

  5. Raina:D

    I wish I didn’t have to eat because things can be faster.
    I don’t like eat lettese because it haves no flavor and i like my food with flavor.

  6. michael

    i wish i did not have to eat scallops potatoes because i do not like the taste and sometimes i ruin my taste buds like i can taste good food

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