March 29


What would you do if someone told you a joke that you don’t think is funny?

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  1. YRROS M'I Kennethy S'TI EM

    I would just sit there like. (._.) ~What… Was that?
    Then they told me another joke. I be all like. (-.-) ~Enough already.
    Then they tell me another one. I be all like. (~(o.o)~ ~That’s what you get! I hit you!
    Then we be all like. (~(>..<)~) 😛


    i will just sit there be making them a funny looking face or some funny looking eyes and be like is that even a joke or is it a joke of not to make you laugh

  3. michael

    i would just walked a way because its not funny and i would have ask him after why did u say that joke it was boring!!!!!

  4. shephali

    If someone told me a non funny joke I would still laugh because I don’t want to hurt their feelings and if they told me another non funny joke I might say ok that one wasn’t funny.

  5. Kaylee

    If someone told me a joke that I didn’t think was funny then they started laughing I would laugh because they think that there funny.

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