March 29


What was the most important thing you learned in kindergarten?

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  1. Tanisha

    I think one of the most important things I learned in kindergarten was writing. I thing that was important because if I couldn’t write I would not be able to write things and it would be hard to write.

  2. kaitlyn

    The most important thing in kindergarten that i learned is my colors,numbers,abc’s and roots

  3. Myles

    The most important learned in kindergarten is my alphabet. That is the most important thing that i learned from my kindergarden.

  4. ericka

    The most important thing that i learned in kindergarten was to be kind and share with other people.

  5. Kyle

    the most important thing i leaned from my teacher was that she told me never to give up and to believe in myself so, i learned to have more courage in order to believe in myself.

  6. michael

    the most think i learned in kinder is not to bully nor fight be safe and nice to each other.

  7. haley

    The most important thing’s I learned in kindergarten was how to write my name, how to count to ten, how to say my alphabet , and to be kind. `~:)~`

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