March 28


Imagine you were a wonderful painter and your parents would let you paint anything you wanted on your bedroom walls. What would you paint? Use lots of details to describe your artwork.

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  1. Tanisha

    I would paint my parents and me. My paintings background will be outside type. It will have my mom first, then me in the middle, finally my dad at the other side. We will be standing up also.

  2. Ivan

    If my mom would let me paint anything is would be a air bloon up on my wall because when I lay on my bed it would be nice to keep my calm.

  3. YRROS M'I Kennethy EM S'TI

    I’ll draw monsters, some dinosaurs and dragons, some animals, and people. The monsters are Giant Squids, 3 Headed Parana Plant, and a Multi-claw Cyclops. The dinosaurs and dragons are easy. The dinosaurs are shaped like a T-Rex, their teeth are sharp, their eyes are red, and they have sharp claws. The dragons are standing on 4 feet, they’re breathing fire, and their eyes are white. The animals are just animals. The people have a easy-shaped body. That’s what I draw πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ™ πŸ™‚

  4. Myles

    If I could paint anything i would paint anything that comes to my mind. I say that because i don’t come up with a lot of ideas’.

  5. Leilani lol lol :)

    I would be creative i would paint space, with stars,and pandas.The pandas would be floating in space looking and holding on to stars.But down by earth is me and my family on earth.

  6. Monica Mendoza

    If my parents let me paint my wall from my bedroom I will put it on to purple Because Purple is my favorite color.What I will put for the designs is hearts and Little flowers to make it look good.I always wanted to paint my room but someday I will paint it purple,hearts and little flowers.:)

    By,Monica Mendoza

  7. ericka

    What i would paint would be flowers and or maybe paint all my walls black and put little white spots to make them look like stars.

  8. Raina

    My room would be very colorful.One wall would be black and white with strips.Another wall would be painted with fairy tale characters. The last 2 walls would be gold and turquoise with zigzag.

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