March 28


How old were you four years ago? Describe some things you can do now that you could not do then.

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  1. Donny

    I was 8 and i could do anything that a kid could normally do have fun and play video games for days and never stop.

  2. Tanisha

    Four years ago I was 6. The things I was not able to do when I was 6 and I could it right now is that I could be in my electronics a little bit more longer. Another thing is my bedtime before I used to go to bed at 8:00 now I get to go to bed at 9:00.

  3. Ivan

    Four years ago is 7 and the thing is ride a bike because I didn’t know to ride a bike but a year age I learn to ride a bike.

  4. shephali

    Four years ago I was 6 years old just like my sister today but when I was 6 I could not have my own laptop, tablet, or a phone. Like now little toddlers have phones or tablets but when I was 6 i did not have any of those things.Also when I was 6 I could not get on any big roller coasters because I would be to small or to short.

  5. YRROS M'I Kennethy EM S'TI

    I was 7 years old. When I was 7, I can go under the bed. Now, I’m too big to go under the bed. Now I can draw better. When I was 7, I draw squad bodies. Now I draw better bodies. NOT SQUARES!!!!!!1!1!

  6. Amanda

    I was 7 years old four years ago. Something that I could not do when I was 7 it was hard for me to reach for some things. stage

  7. Eric Gonzlaez

    4 years ago i was 6 but now im 10 i can get my own money from dad and hang out with my friends.


    when i was more smaller i could fit any where and also they loved to take me to stores because i always made them laugh.Also i never told them buy me this they where telling me and i would’t cry for everything like my little sister.

  9. Leilani lol lol :)

    When i was six years old i could not play “basketball” like I do now.Yeah sure i could pick one up and role it,push it,fall and kick it aka: PROBABLY FAILED TRYING TO KICK IT.And another thing was “SOCCER” yeah i’m getting better now but that is because i know how to practice tricks and kicks.I probably couldn’t kick or do many tricks.AKA:I WASN’T INTO SPORTS YET.

  10. ericka

    4 years ago i was 6.when I was 6 i couldn’t reach the sink to wash my hands and so i had to get a stool to do it. Now that im 10 I dont have to use the stool.

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