March 28


Write a persuasive journal to show that you agree or disagree with the following statement: Keeping a wild animal in a zoo is inhumane.

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  1. YRROS M'I Kennethy EM S'TI

    It’s not kind to do that o.o The animal will be angry. So… I will NOT do that to a wild animal.

  2. Quynh

    i agree , because they only stay at a place and can not move around , they will feel comfortable when they go to where they want but opposite they can safe by a person who manage the cage.

  3. Isaiah Craig

    no i disagree because wild animals need space not put in some zoo it needs to have it’s freedom

  4. LeeAustin

    Keeping a wild animal in a zoo will be crazy because what if the wild animal got free it would kill half of the people there at the zoo looking at the wild animal and what if it killed the other animals that weren’t wild and that they were trained so I think its not safe to keep to keep wild animals at the zoo for a pet so if I were to write to the zoo keepers this is what I would write to them as report.

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