March 22

What is a learner?

What are the characteristics of a good learner?

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6 thoughts on “What is a learner?

  1. ericka

    Some characteristics for a good learner could be to never give up,sit up strait,no talking,and pay attention.

  2. Isaiah Lucas

    1.Learn from mistakes
    2.effort matter
    3.Ask questions
    4.recevice and respond to feedback
    5.Never give up
    6.evaluate work based on success critera
    7.Reach goals
    8.state what i am learning

  3. YRROS M'I Kennethy S'TI EM

    Learn From Mistakes
    Effort Matters
    Ask Questions And Accept Challenges
    Receive And Respond To Feedback
    Never Give up
    Evaluate Work Based On Success Criteria
    Reach Goals
    State What I Am Learning

  4. isaac lucas

    learn from mistakes,effort matters,ask questions and accept challengs, Receive and respond to feedback never give up Evaluate work based on success criteria, reach goals and stat what i am learning

  5. LeeAustin

    The characteristics of a good learner is 1.L Learning from mistakes 2.E Effort Matters 3.A Ask question and Accept Challenges 4.Receive and respond to Feedback 5.Never Give Up 6.Evaluate Work based On Success Criteria 7.Reaching Goals and finally 8.State What I’m Learning.

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