7 thoughts on “Journal

  1. ericka

    I think they are helpful because they cant tell you how easy it is to do multiplication and how easy it is to sing a song with your states and capitals.:P

  2. Eduardo

    This videos were helpful because in the first video they showed how he did the problem in the form of a song.In the secoand video he showed us all the states and capitals.

  3. Isaiah Lucas

    yes it is helpful because it helps me with my times tables and it helps me on my capitals not too little wink wink

  4. Brianna

    No. It is because the first video is about multiplication, but it only teaches you where to put the numbers. Then the second one is about the state capitals and states but it will be hard to remember them all just from a video.

  5. Elida Fernanda Gonzalez

    Wakko song (I guess itโ€™s a song) help him with naming all 50 States and Capital. But what I don’t get is why did he got it wrong? And the Multiplication Song is weird but it helps you multiply numbers funer? ( ya that all I got sorry ๐Ÿ™ ) B-but the song was great… hehe p-please

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