March 21


What should the rules be for outer space?

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  1. isaac lucas

    the rules will be do not go into space with your astronaut suit and you can not brenth in space with out it.

  2. shephali

    The first rule should be that if you are going to leave the space ship please DON’T GET LOST I repeat DON’T GET LOST! I mean if someone gets lost they might go and live on another planet and call it earth.The second rule in outer space should be that don’t get cranky at anybody because if you do you would have to become the person who nobody talks to.The third rule should be that don’t eat all the food we don’t want to be food less in outer space because there is no fast food drive-thrus,dinners,or restaurants in outer space and we would not have money for them.

  3. Myles

    The rules should be the same rules that are on earth whats so different that you should change the rule.

  4. ericka

    I think the rules should be to let kids in outer space and to let them have fun with aliens if they are real.

  5. Eduardo

    I think the rules for outer space should be that you could be able to control where you go by blowing in the opposite direction.You should also be able to breath in space.

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