March 21


Write an idea for a new blockbuster movie. Explain what will happen in the movie and why it will draw crowds to the theater.

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  1. Donny

    You will get free money and you will get a free ticket and the movie will be about a guy who went to school then he got arrested because he was to old and he already passed school.

  2. ericka

    If I made a movie it would be about a boy that is grown up seeing tornadoes and only he can see it and nobody else.What will happen is that he grows up to be a grown man and all the sudden when he is sleeping with his wife it starts storming really bad like a tornado,then the tornado alarm comes on!even his wife could here it and so can his daughter. Earlier in the year he knew in his head there was gonna be a storm so he used some equipment to make a tornado shelter and back at it with the storm so they ran into the tornado shelter and waited there all night until the storm passed when it did his wife told him to go outside and don’t be scared because his head was filled with tornadoes and so when he opened the door the sun was out and it was a sunny day. a year later he got all those tornadoes out of his head and went on a relaxing vacation at the beach with his family.The clouds were starting to come in like storm clouds and all the sudden it started to get windy and all you can see above the water is a tornado forming and this time the daughter that couldn’t speak was warning the parents and as i said all you can see is a tornado forming.The End I think the crowds would love to see this because its a unique movie and yeah its really inspiring to this man trying to save his family from tornadoes.

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