March 18

Math Journal

Go to your Think Central Library under Real World Videos and watch Testing Bike Wheels. After watching the video explain what math skills were being used.

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4 thoughts on “Math Journal

  1. Amanda Perez :)

    The math skills that were being used in that video was that they had to see how fast it can go. those are the math skills that are being used.

  2. LeeAustin

    The math was being used to measure the bike wheels and the how big it was the bike was and then ride it some where we don’t know about and the bike was 5 feet big and 5 feet wide.

  3. Isaiah Lucas Craig

    they test the bumper that is the mechaine they test the ablite for something I have not gotten that far hold up so the video is called Testing A Bike Wheel.

  4. Eduardo

    The math that is being use are multiplication and division because they would have to divide the weight if there both wheels.

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