March 18


If you could be a box of cereal, which one would you be and why?

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  1. Amanda Perez :)

    If I was a box of cereal I would like to be”Cinnamon Toast Crunch” because it is very good and that would be the kind of cereal I would like to be.

  2. Isaiah Lucas Craig

    the one with march mellows so I can eat all of it only the marchmellows because the other cerals with the flower on it I do not like awww

    Run .

  3. leilani g

    If i could be a box of cereal i would be Fruity pebbles. Fruity Pebbles is soooooo good.But i dont want to get thrown away ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No NO NO NO NO NO DONT EAT ME MRS.PENROSE NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!

  4. Monica M

    If I was a box of cereal I would be is rice crispy the chocolate one because that is my favorite kind and I love eating it.and I would be that kind and when someone wants to eat me I will not let them maybe I would eat it myself.

    By,Monica M 🙂

  5. ericka :P

    If I was a cereal box I would be fruity pebbles. I would be fruity pebbles because fruity pebbles is my all time eating cereal.And I would be happy if someone ate a delicious fruity pebbles with a little taste of ericka in it :p

  6. shephali

    If I were to be a box of cereal I would be a box of coco puffs because coco puffs are amazing well not that amazing but pretty good and its coco puffs who won’t like coco puffs you will fell like you’re eating chocolate.

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