March 18


What would happen if kids ruled the world?

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  1. Eric

    if kids rule the world they dont need to go home and mom dad are maybe kids now because kids rule now there kids now maybe a very smart kid made them all kids

  2. leilani g

    If kids (ME) ruled the earth kids (I) would throw parties every day on the 30th and the 1st. Kids (I) love to party.And every Tuesday it will be taco’s for everyone. A big plane throwing tacos at all of you (MOSTLY ME). Kids will live in the white house (I WILL LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE). And everyone get a upgrade on their house.Three story home’s for everyone.(hahahhah) P.S.. do not be creeped out by my non-evil laugh. (SO EVIL)

  3. ericka :P

    If kids rule the WORLD wow ok well if kids rule the world than everything would be with ice cream and everything would be with call of duty ghost.

  4. Amanda Perez :)

    I think that if kids ruled the world it would be a really good idea because we would make everything awesome and it is really good. We would make everything out of candy.


    if a kid ruled the world it would be a mess it will not be a normal place to live at.It will be a nice and also silly but not normal at all.

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