March 17


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Write a brief summary about something you learned about St. Patrick’s Day.

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  1. leilani

    I learned that you shouldn’t pinch someone for not wearing green. It might be fun to you.But not to them.Unless your getting pinched back it is not ok.

  2. :D (~(-3-)~ d(-._-.)b ~(^.^)~ v(T.T)v Kennethy ~(o.o)~) c(o.o )c) ~(oOo)~ v(o_o)v) :P

    St. Patrick was kidnapped and was took to Ireland where he was a slave. When he escaped, he became a priest and told people about god. St. Patrick died on March 17. The Chicago River is dyed green. The White House’s lawn is green, too.

  3. LeeAustin

    The thing I learned about St.Patrick’s Day was celebrated because he gave support to the people he lived with and he became a Priest and was born around AD35.

  4. Eduardo

    St.Patrick’s day is dedicated to a person named patrick.He grew up in a family of priest in england. He was kidnapped when he was about 16 and brought to Ireland to tend sheep.when he was about 20 he made his escape and then went to the irland coastline and found a ship with a captain to agreed to take him to england. When he arrived he wanted to become a priest and began to study. Irish legend has said that he brought his belief to ireland and that scared away all the snakes.

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