March 15


Start you journal wrote by completing the following sentence.

If I had a radio talk show…

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3 thoughts on “Journal

  1. ericka

    I would invite all my favorite celebrities to talk about their new music coming up and how their life has been 😛

  2. (~(-3-)~ d(-._-.)b ~(^.^)~ v(T.T)v Kennethy ~(o.o)~) c(o.o )c) ~(oOo)~ v(o_o)v)

    If I had a radio talk show, I’ll be famous XD 😛 😀 🙁 🙂

  3. Brianna

    If i had a radio talk show i would mention funny things that happened in my life. Then i would introduce someone famous. And i would give a shout out to my family and friends. Also It would then be me telling jokes and laughing . There would also be noises that are funny.

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