14 thoughts on “Journal

  1. ericka

    What makes me safe is like alarms in houses haha I feel safe around alarms because you never know when like someone tries to get in your house and the alarm goes off it is what makes me feel safe :p

  2. Myles

    The thing that makes me feel safe is what ever that is safe to me. Those are the thing that makes me feel safe.

  3. Brianna

    I feel safe when there is an adult with me that i know. Or if there is a sercurity alarm in the house. Also if there is a dog around. And if there is a gate around that will keep me safe.

  4. LeeAustin

    The think that makes me feel safe is my dad because he always there for me when I sad or when I fell down he even bought me an iphone 6 for $200 dollors my dad also takes me out to go eat at a buffey and we also bought food for my family and cousins at my house sometimes there mean to my sister so I step up for her.

  5. leilani

    When im at home laying on the couch eating popcorn watching movies i think im safe. Because im at home with the door locked. I think this home is safe because doors are locked,food to eat,and closed windows.

  6. Haylie

    What makes me feel safe is my teacher ms.penrose she helps me she protect any body if the other person is hurt or someone is bullying them and that is why m.penrose makes me feel safe.

  7. (~(-3-)~ d(-._-.)b ~(^.^)~ v(T.T)v Kennethy ~(o.o)~) c(o.o )c) ~(oOo)~ v(o_o)v)

    My blanket makes me feel safe because I can hide under it and I will be safe. 😛 😀 🙁 🙂

  8. raina

    what makes me feel safe is my teacher ms.penrose if thwe a bully she will porue me and kpps me safe.

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