6 thoughts on “Try Me

  1. LeeAustin

    The girl who fought for freedom was Elisibith she was the first ever brave women to fight for her life and saved the other prisoner also she became the first ever women to go into war with men.

  2. Isaiah Lucas

    the game was good the game me and Ivan and Ericka was payling was Might night Messager and that game game was fun you will need to get the tea to the boat!! you guys need to try it is so much fun!!

  3. leilani

    The games were ok. I say this because what did it teach me. But at least i know that i know a lot of things about the american revolution. This didn’t help me learn different things though.About a B- for this page.

  4. Eduardo

    It was a fun game to play because it was a little hard because you run so fast.It would be a fun game to play when you are board.The game I played was midnight runner.

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