March 3


What would you do if you suddenly woke up in another country and no one could understand a word you said!

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7 thoughts on “JOurnal

  1. Raina Singh

    if i woke up in a country and no one understand me i wold trei to caoe wet them and i get some if the certs wrok.

  2. leilani

    I would be very freaked out and maybe scream. No one would care because they couldn’t even understand me. I could try to learn the language but for what. If I try to ask them a question while their teaching me they couldn’t understand me.I couldn’t even raise money because how would they understand my writing. So this is why i would be freaked out.

  3. Daniel

    if they couldn’t understand what i was saying then i would buy a plane ticket then go back where i came from and that is sacrmento,California. Or learn the langage that they speak in.

  4. Myles

    If that happen i would just ask someone to jive me their phone so i can call someone that can help me.

  5. Marissa Reyes Red Rose

    I would suddenly try to learn how to speak what ever they are speaking.also, i could go with them and see what do they do

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