March 1


Why do we have Read Across America Day?

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  1. LeeAustin

    We have Read Across America because it supports Dr.Suess accomplishment and and what he did over the each year.

  2. leilani

    we have read across america day im guessing to maybe teach some how to read. because some kids do not know how to read. And if we do read across america we will be apart of them learning hoe to read. That is my opinion though.

  3. marissa Reyes red rose

    we have read across america day cause to celibrate the cat in the hat how good he was and things like that how good he was an acter also they might celibrate it cause he was a very very good persion.

  4. Amanda

    We have read across america because it is thanking Dr.Seuss for
    the books that he has made.

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