12 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Monica Mendoza

    If i gave my teacher a gift I will give her a teddy bear that is really cute and chocolate.Why??because i am trying to give teacher a gift for teaching other or classmates to study.


  2. Isaiah Lucas

    well I would give her a new phone and why I am giving it too her because she is a good teacher and she is really nice.!


  3. daniel

    I would give her a tea cup that says don’t cauph and stay cool i would give it to her so it will help her stop cauphing

  4. Tanisha

    What I would give Ms.Penrose for a gift will be her favorite shoes that she wears everyday shoes and a number 1 teacher chocolate. As you can see that is what I will give to Ms.Penrose as a gift.

  5. Junior

    If I were to give my teacher a gift is to repay the things shes bin helping me with like math,spelling,homework,and even our journal topic witch is basicaly what I am doing right now and the gift I would gift I would give her would be a new Phone or a new computer.

  6. Haylie

    If I where to give a gift to my teacher it would be a box of candy and a teddy bear because the teddy bear is as fun to play with like her also the box of candy is as sweet as her.

  7. kaitlyn

    if i got i gift for my teacher i will give her teacher supplies
    and then some stickers and paint to decorate her own supplies

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