17 thoughts on “JOurnal

  1. Amanda

    Pasta Alfredo.
    Steak with rice and french fries.
    Burger French Fries with a soup.
    Hot dogs.
    BBQ Ribs with Mashed Potato’s rice and beans.
    Spaghetti with meat ball’s.
    Garlic bread and pizza.
    That is what my menu would look like.


    If i worked at a mexican resturant i would make and bring to the resturant it will be lots of sea food and also lots of mini thing like this chips that include salsa and many other things.And also mango with lime and chilly mmmmmm so good.Also this shrimpe that includes chilly lime butter and salt. It is the best i love it.

  3. quynh

    because i from viet nam then when i have a restaurant , i want every food in restaurant is all from viet nam , then when people live in america can come and eat it , talk about menu … i think it can have chicken , rice and egg , noodle , ….

  4. purple girl (Monica)

    If I created a menu for my very own restaurant it will be called buffet#4 because my favorite number is 4 and I like the food called buffet the menu will be vegables and yummy food

  5. haylie

    If i had a restaurant it would be named Number #1 restaurant also my menu would have noddle and chicken and beef and more and for the sweets and the good stuff i would have ice cream and strawberry dip in chocolate and donuts and candy also melons and more fruits.

  6. leilani

    if i had a restaurant i would have a lot of things to go on the menu. Things for meat lovers,vegetarians,and people who love sweets. For the drinks there would be strawberry shake,sodas,water,and slushies. For meat steak,chicken,and pork chops. Maybe even more meat. For candy and sweets ice cream,rootbeer floats,and candy.

  7. Isaiah Lucas Craig

    Yes I had that idea as you because I know about Wingstop too and I would do the same thing for my mean you Man you are making me laugh 🙂 Oh yea i agree with you Devon

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