16 thoughts on “Journal

  1. amanda

    I wish that I had a bunny as a pet. The reason I want a bunny is because they are very cute and soft. That is what I wish I had a pet.

  2. Monica Mendoza

    The pet that I wish I had is a dog because i like those kind of pet the reason i like that kind of pet is because they proctect you and the house.sometimes they like to play with you and lick you because the like you as always.pets are so sweet.i like all kind of pets like dogs,puppys and small little kittens.i do not like having a dog and a cat together because what if they were fighting some thing will happen and thats a little scary.I know that cats and dogs are messy but they always have a chance to like you.;)whoever that like animals are very lucky;)

  3. Junior

    If I had a wish for another pet it would be a python and a rhino one of the reasons I would want a python is that it is not Deadly or poisoned and the other reason I like a rhino is that rhinos are strong for be nice animals.

  4. Boss_Girl21 ( aka Elida )

    I wish I have a cat because that is the pet I have not have. Because I had a bunny,two birds,a baby hen, 9 bogs and 21 or more puppies but I lost my two birds, I sold my dogs for free, sold my puppies but they had to be bigger, my dad sold my bunny, and one of my dog killed my baby hen but at least I got to keep 3 dogs and they girls.

  5. Devon

    I wish i had a husky dog. Thay have beautiful fur.
    thay also have blue eyes.I like dogs that are playful.

  6. Eduardo

    If I could have another pet it would be a husky one reason I would want a dog is because their strong and fun to play with and you can train them.

  7. LeeAustin

    I wish that had my own pet fish because I’m really into fish I go fishing and I when I was a kid I had a gold fish but my little sister killed it on purpose cause she was jealous only because she didn’t have on like me.

  8. Brianna\ Renee3314 at animal jam

    Elida, i agree with you because cats wash theirselves and i used to have a pet bird.

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