35 thoughts on “JOurnal

  1. Eric

    my best is Devon because he is really nice and funny. He shares chips with me. We play a lot like basketball and playground.


    The greatest person i ever met was Ms.penrose because she is funny and is a great teacher.Also because she is very very nice,and a great pe teacher.

  3. isaiahisthebest

    because they do a lot of things mostly mspenrose she is the teacher and she teach us a lot of things and that my reason why

  4. Devon

    The greatest person I’ve ever met is Isaiah. He is cool because we talk at lunch. We play basketball at recess. He is a nice person and doesn`t use bad language.

  5. isaiahisthebest

    I agree with you BRITTANY CORRYU she is a great P.E teacher and she is funny alot of funny so much funny and she teach us math that i like oh i got a joke: Ground Beff

  6. Monica

    the greatest person I ever met was Ms.penrose because she is funny and really nice and Ms.penrose you are really nice. i also met isiah and he was bieng nice to me ever since i was new

  7. Boss_Girl21 (aka Elida)

    The greatest person I ever met is Ms.Penrose because she teaches us like math, social studies, writing and even more and she is my teacher. (the is all I came up/ thought of that but don’t tell Ms.Penrose that I came up/ thought of that) 🙂

  8. haylie

    The greatest person i met was mspenrose,Monica,Brittany,and my hamster Macy but she did when i was so happy to see her on my trip to Vaslia.

  9. leilani

    the greatest person i ever met is mrs.penrose. i say this is because she is a great pe teacher,teacher,and help me never give up. She is the greatest teacher in history. LOL I have learned so much from her.

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