January 11

States and Capitals

Now that we are beginning to learn our fifty states and capitals what will be your strategy to memorize them?

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27 thoughts on “States and Capitals

  1. Elida

    My strategy to memorize the fifty states and capitals is to study with Tanisha, every day with we are done with our homework.

  2. Amanda

    My strategy to memorize all the fifty states is to practice at home. I can tell my parents to ask me and help me and they can correct me. I can also pay a lot of attention in class will we are learning about them. This is my strategy to learn all the 50 states.

  3. leilani

    I will have to study. If i study i can remember what i learned. But it is hard work. I will have to work daily. That way i know them by heart.

  4. MONI Monica

    what i am going to memorize for the stragety is i am going to keep on practicing and practicing till i memorize that.if we are having a test on the stragety then i will get a good grade for memorizing

  5. Devon

    I am going to study at home. I am going to have my mom quiz me. I am also going to research the states at home.

  6. mspenrose (Post author)

    Amanda I think that is a great idea to learn all the 50 states. Good job you have 5 sentences.

  7. raina

    the seap and cades is a gsam in the dgou.
    sund easnd i have a good in a tose.
    reaw nweu reaw to or the wordus.

  8. quynh

    I and my sister always work together about 50 state. If my sister not here , i can tell my dad about it because , my dad know about 50 state. Or i can use my computer and find this

  9. Brianna/ Renee3314 at animal jam

    The strategy that i would use is the internet. Then the libary is where i would do research. And i would use flash cards too.

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