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  1. [Insert Name Here]

    My description is..
    – Pays attention
    – Follows directions
    – Puts effort into work
    – Does not give up

    I cannot think of more.

  2. shephali

    Any example of a learner that accept challenges and ask questions,is if you are in math and you never did this before and your stepping out of your comfort zone,and you see at the example but you can’t tell what you are seeing so you ask questions and take the challenge to do something new.

  3. ivan

    The student being a learn and accepts challenges and asking question is brainna because she help msPenrose and help other student.

  4. leilani

    An example of a student being a good learner is when a student pays attention, works hard, and doesnt give up. And asking questions maybe about the math. Maybe whats multiply decimals. This my defintion .

  5. Myles

    My examples are for being a learner that accepts challenges are like if the teacher ask you to do a task and you do you do it. For my ask question you just ask a question that is important.

  6. Moni Monica ;)

    i am the kind of learner to accept challenges because in math the problem was really hard to me but since i was working with my buddy┬┤s i saw that the problem was getting a little easy to me and i was working on my homework of the front and it was easy now.
    for example:0.2 times 0.05 equals 0.10
    so,when i looked at the board to check if i got the answer correct and i did got the problem correct so i had the answer and now i knowwhat the question is.so i am a good learner

  7. kaitlyn

    the student that asks questions and accept challenges is Amanda because when i see her looks like if she is going to Reach goals,Never give up and ask questions and accept challenges so that is why i picked amanda.

  8. mspenrose (Post author)

    Isaac that is a good Characteristics of a good learner but do you have any more goals.

  9. Devon

    thay are paying attention to the teacher. they do not look around and are focused. thay accept a challende even if they fail.

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