January 5

Spelling Challenge

Identify the /oo/ or /u/ sound in the following words:

1. soup

2. music

3. clue

4. truth

5. bloom

6. lunar

7. toothbrush

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6 thoughts on “Spelling Challenge

  1. isaiah

    Soup as the sound o in i do not know about that won maybe the won must have no sounds in side of it.Clue has the sound u inside of it .Music has the sound u so that is another sound it . oh i like this one this won is toothbrush toothbrush have the sound oo . truth has the sound u inside of it. bloom has oo inside of it . it is like toothbrush .lunar has the sound u inside it i did not know that won . 🙁

  2. mspenrose (Post author)

    Isaiah good job on the Spelling challenge you have five sentences that’s all you need.

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