24 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. ivan

    The 42 day off was good. In November was thank giving so I was thing full for the food, my family, and my mom. In desember was good we had party and chismas .

  2. Myles

    The only intresting I did on my break is go to Reno. The only things I did is go to the arcade and play with my cousins. That’s pretty much all i did at Reno.

  3. LeeAustin

    The last 42 days I went camping,playing video games,fishing,playing with my new chrismas toys,my psvita,new xbox,went cruizing,went to sanfrisco and san deigo and I saw Eithan Brown.

  4. ericka

    Well what have i been doing in the past 42 days well I watched tv. Also I had a great new year and great christmas i got alot of games like lego jurassic world look it up if you want. I also got guitar hero live witch is like guitar hero but better and yeah that was my 42 days.

  5. kaitlyn

    I have been baby siting my sisters baby for 42 days because she works and my sisters jenny had Ms.Penrose for 5th grade and now she has a baby and she also works.

  6. Haylie

    I went to Vasalia and the snow and but when i came home from Vasalia my hamster was dead so i got sad but we went to the snow and i got to make a snowman with my brother and my sister and we had a snow ball fight it was awesome i really hope to get a new hamster again.

  7. Galexycraft aka Donny

    I did a lot of things I played Tri force hero with kevin we
    called each other on skype we made some youtube videos and the
    editing took 3 hours kevin said but we finished it and we did
    a ton of other things

  8. shephali kumar

    For 42 days I had a lot of fun.First, I went to Winter Wonder Land with my family,the lights were very very bright,we even played some games like balloon darts,toss the ball in the bucket.Secondly,we went to a wedding it was awesome there was a huge cake and we all danced.Next,we went to San Francisco and opened gifts with my family.Lastly,we saw the new movie Daddy’s Home it was a funny movie.

  9. Moni Monica:)

    what I been doing up to last 42 days is i did think central,myon,blog page,accelerated reader and typing web.I went to think central to practice my math and skills.i also,went to myon to read a 5th grader skill.i went to typing web to to type more faster instead slower.thats not all what I did, I went on vacation like going to the beach going to l.a to hang out with my family and doing a lot of fun for vacation.

  10. Eduardo

    On my days off I mostly was at home playing video games.But then my mom would get mad an tell me to clean up the house.But in the last 2 weeks we went to San Jose then went back home then we went back to San Jose.I was tired for staying in the car for so long.But some time before that I went with my dad to a place close to San Jose I went their to work with him.That is all I mostly did during my time off.

  11. Amanda

    I had a good time while I was off I went to the snow and it was really cold and my little cousin and I went down in a slay and it was really fun and we saw a lot of snow. My mom and my cousin were having a snow fight and then she threw one at me and it was really cold. I also got to see a lot of Christmas lights and they were
    very pretty and it looked very well. That is what I was up to those 42 days.

  12. raina

    what i was do in my last 42 days was i want to sonectnt and see a lot of lise in a frma it was bitly.i what sope and got a new jatku and hat.

  13. Elida

    I played video games,went to my cousin house for Happy New Year, and I went there for Christmas too. and that was pretty much all I did. ( play minecraft and other games I don’t remember the names )

  14. love me aka leilani

    I did a lot of things during my break lets start. First, I celebrated christmas i got a giant ipad,perfume,nail polish,art books, And I went to my brother’s birthday we went paint balling and ate cake,pizza,and soda. And last but not least new years. For new years I went with my two brothers,cousin,and grandma. There was a things for kids and adults. The adults went ot the dinner. Yeah kids could go to but. We all went to this party for teens and kids. There was bounce houses,skating,and dancing. Oh and singing. I put my self in a contest and did the watch me. They loved me.

  15. love me aka leilani

    And all of your comments are very good.I really like what some of you did. All of your activities sound fun.

  16. mspenrose (Post author)

    leilani you did good if you have more things you did than you can type the rest tomorrow if you want.

  17. Dead Angel

    the things that I was doing over the 42 days were playing video game,reading,talking on face book but mostly I go on the internet and look for Mystery’s and Hidden Creatures,Monsters,Greek gods,Mythical monsters, and any life on other planet.

  18. brittany

    on my 42 days of vacation i went to the snow with my whole family and also had a nice christmas and new year with all of my family.It was fun having a nice break.I also loved when my little girl puppy had her four little babies they are so small and cutie.Also very puffy the are a little big now she had them December 14.So that a big job for me 6 dog in the house that a lot of work for me.So it was really good for me.

  19. Elida

    I got for Christmas is minecraft story mode, clothes, headset for my PS3, shopkins, paint, I think the is all. 🙂

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