November 19


Who was the first European to discover America?

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  1. cherryez aka ericka

    the first person to discover eruope is Marco Polo. I know that because on my social studies I watched a slide show and it said the first on to visit eruope was Marco Polo.

  2. Lav3nd3r (Kevin)

    The first European to discover America was Columbus I think.. His reason of exploration was to get gold and riches.

  3. Lav3nd3r (Kevin)

    According to what I have written down Magellan sailed around the world.. I never remember hearing he discovered America..
    I must have not payed attention lol.

  4. cherryez aka ericka

    The first european to visit america was F.Magellen. I know that because on my social studies I saw a slide show that said the first european to visit america was F.magellen. Also,my sister told me a little bit a bout him he was the first visiter to america!

  5. Monica Mendoza

    I think magellon because he was the one that traveled into a dangeous place and he died for going to travel but,the 18 crew traveled and he was the first person to travel.i think it was sad because he died into a dangeous place but i think it was magelon,not the others.

  6. Myles

    The person who found America is Chrisrifer Columbus. He was a explore and he was sailor one day a sailor that was sailing then he found a place to trade. Then when he was going home he said he was going to spread the word and witch he did and Columbus heard. Last he was above the ocean and he thought he was going the right way but he really was in America. that’s how America was found.

  7. Monica Mendoza

    I agree with all my classmate about magellon and i disagree with erika because in are social studies it said that magellon was the first person to travel but he died and he went to a dangerous place so i disagree with you erika.

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