November 16

Long /I/ Sound

How is the long I sound spelled in the following words:

1. Skyline
2. overnight
3. deny
4. tiger
5. surprise
6. recite

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9 thoughts on “Long /I/ Sound

  1. LeeAustin

    Skyline is spelled y.
    overnight is spelled igh.
    deny is spelled y.
    Tiger is spelled i
    surprise is spelled i_e.
    recite is spelled i.

  2. mspenrose (Post author)

    Eduardo, you did good. but you need to captalize the first letters in the words. Also you need to add comas to the end of the sounds of the words to seprate the different words.

  3. Ivan

    Skyline has i_e and Y. Overnight has ght to make the long I sound. Deny has y. tiger has i_e. surprise has I_e. recite has i_e.

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