November 16


What did Lucy think the
courtyard with the statues first
looked like?

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12 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Galexycraft aka donny

    She thought it looked like just statues of people or fauns like mr.tumnes and they would find him in the statues maybe and that
    is what it would look like

  2. Death king or King of the Dead

    When Lucy and Susan first saw the court yard Lucy thought It was Extraordinary Place,All the animals and People like it was a Museum.

  3. Monica Mendoza

    the first statues Lucy saw was the faun,she got sad because the faun got to get into a statue.AsLan went to the castle of the white witch and blew the ones that got into statue and the faun was alive and he did not got froze ever again. there was a lot of people who got froze by the white witch.the witch was cruel and bad to other people who were the good people that had a good heart like lucy has.the faun and lucy and aslan had a great heart .lucy was the first to see the statue.

  4. leilani

    what i got from the book was that lucy thought the court yard was a muesum of statues. Because she saw statues every where inside the builing and out.

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